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Each Wednesday night, residents of Matityahu and surrounding communities come to hear the Rav discuss various topics in Hashkafa. Come join us.

Keeping Away from Danger
An Introduction to the Mitzvah of Staying Away from Danger (26 min.)
2 Raising Dangerous Animals (22 min.)
3 The Mitzva to Build a Ma'akeh (Parapet) (15 min.)
4 Smoking Cigarettes (44 min.)
5 Smoking Marijuana, Nargilas, etc. (24 min.)
6 Driving Safety (15 min.)
7 Occasions that Warrant Putting Ourselves in Danger (5 min.)


Why Bad Things Happen to Good People - The Holocaust
1 An Introduction - How to View Historical Events from a Torah Perspective (37 min.)
2 An Introduction - How to View Historical Events from a Torah Perspective- continued (22 min.)
3 Is there a connection between Amalek and Germany? (28 min.)
4 Viewing History Through the Eyes of the Torah (39 min.)
5 The Parameters of Yom HaShoa, Debunking the Myth of Jews Having Gone as Sheep to the Slaughter During the Shoah - Part 1 (38 min.)
6 The Parameters of Yom HaShoa, why there is controversy concerning Yom HaShoa - Part 2 (37 min.)
7 The Concept of Tzaddik V'Ra Lo, Rasha V'Tov Lo - Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? (43 min.)
8 The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture (44 min.)
9 The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture, cont. (34 min.)
10 If Everything G-d Does is for The Best, Why Do We Need to Pray? (47 min.)
11 If Everything G-d does is for the best, why do we mourn when people die? (50 min.)
12 A summation of how to view suffering. (49 min.)

The Beginnings of the Holocaust (21 min.)

14 The Beginnings of the Holocaust - part 2 (17 min.)
15 How Are We to React to the "Pride Parade" (What are appropriate forms of Protes (47 min.)

Should we be searching for reasons for the Holocaust? (42 min.)

17 What the Gedolim said about why the Holocaust happened (43 min.)
18 One of the Causes of the Holocaust - Rampant Assimilation - As Prophesized by Rav Yaakov Emden (17 min.)
19 One of the Causes of the Holocaust - The Opportunity We Had to Go To Eretz Yisrael that We Didn't Take Advantage of - from the Teachings of The Meshech Chochma on Parshas Bechukosai (56 min.)
20 Rav Eliahu Dessler - Combining the Opinions of Rav Yaakov Emdedn and The Meshech Chochma (10 min.)
21 The Beis Halevi on the subject of Jew-hatred (44 min.)
22 Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzenski's "Achiezer" on Reasons for the Terrible Plight of the Jewish People Right Before the Shoah
23 A Synopsis of The Netziv's kuntras "She'er Yisrael" on the Causes of Anti-Semitism
24 Different Perspectives on the State of Israel and Secular and Religious Zionism (52 min.)
25 How the Philosophy of Secular Zionism Could Have Been Attributed as a Cause of the Holocaust (48 min.)
26 Why so many Religious Jews didn't make Aliyah when there was a chance? (43 min.)
27 Assimilation as a Root Cause for the Tzoris (troubles and tribulations) of Klal Yisrael (52 min.)
28 What is Sinas Chinam? (46 min.)
29 Another Cause of the Holocaust - Talking During Davening (12 min.)
30 Causes of the Holocaust - cont.
(16 min.)
31 Causes of the Holocaust - cont.
(11 min.)
32 Causes of the Holocaust - cont.
(21 min.)
33 Shylas & Tshuvas (questions and answers) asked during the Shoah: 1 - Are there any circumstances when suicide is permitted? (21 min.)
34 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont.- 2 - Is it permitted to give up one's own life in order to save the life of someone else? (21 min.)
35 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 3 - Is it permitted to learn and teach Torah if it will risk one's life? (31 min.)
36 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 4 - Is it permitted to masquerade as a non-Jew to save one's life? (31 min.)
37 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 5 - Is it permitted to bribe the enemy to let one's family member live if it would mean that someone else would be murdered in his place? (33 min.)
38 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 6 - Is it permitted to send one's child to be raised by non-Jews in order to save their lives? (24 min.)
39 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 7 (28 min.)
40 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 8 - The Nusach of the Bracha one makes when being Mekadesh Hashem with one's life (24 min.)
41 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 9 - Should people have gotten married during the Shoah? (7 min.)
42 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 10 - Moving Jewish bones, One who was forced to tear up a mezuza, Making a blessing on non-kosher food, cannibalism, using things that people used when they were killed, removing tattoos, Saying 'Kaddish' for gentile who saved the life of a Jew (35 min.)
43 Are the Germans Amalek? Should we boycott Germany and German products? etc.

This concludes this series