Every year on Tisha B'av, hundreds of people flock to Moshav Matityahu from around Eretz Yisrael to be inspired by Rabbi Leff's poignant explainations of the Tisha B'av Kinos.

Although B"H, the shiurim will be available on this website on the afternoon of Tisha B'Av, you may want to purchase a copy in a higher quality sound format to listen to at your leisure on a CD player, or MP3 player, and to have available for the future.

You may now pre-order this year's shiurim on Audio CD or CD-Rom (.mp3 or .wma files). In addition, we will include some of the Rav's Tisha B'av Kinos from previous years . Alternately, we can email the .wma files to you directly on the afternoon of Tisha B'Av, Israel time.

Payment can be made either through PayPal or by sending a check to:
P.O. Box 35093, Jerusalem, Israel, 91350. Please include a note specifying which of the following options you choose, a valid mailing address, email address, and telephone number for clarification purposes.

Questions or comments?

Audio CD
$12 (60 NIS)
(.mp3 or Windows Media Files)
$10 (50 NIS)
(please note, it is reccommended that you have a fast Internet connection to receive these relatively large files)
$8 (40 NIS)

What is PayPal?

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